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  Tian Yan Cha  

Tian Yan Business Lead CRM

Smart Customer Marketing System

Work Project // B2B CRM // Web Design // UX Design // Figma

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Project Brief

Tianyancha Business Lead CRM offers a national enterprise information map query and quick access to customer leads for sales.


Its multi-source contact methods ensure accuracy and ease of finding and contacting target customers.

  • Client Outreach supports a variety of query conditions, allowing sales staff to quickly and accurately find target companies;

  • Client Acquisition supports one-click outbound calls, call content retention and playback, call data monitoring and viewing;

  • CRM supports sales staff's follow-up and subsequent payment and contract process


Design Objectives


Outstripping competitors

We analyzed competitors' interfaces early in design, summarizing their strengths and weaknesses to fit our target user

Interaction logic aligns with use cases

We found that consistency with business scenarios and processes is more important than data accuracy in competing products.

Boost sales

Sell to as many clients as possible!

The business opportunity project aimed to compete with similar, mature products with the advantage of Tian Yan Cha's powerful data capture and large database. The initial goal was to launch quickly and implement its functions to catch up with competitors.

V1.0 Features

Enterprise Search

Advanced Filter
Unlocked List
Custom Request
Export Records

Design Objectives


Standardize Design Guidelines

Check and fix inconsistent styles and interactions from early rapid design and development

Design Upgrades

Adapt the information structure to accomodate the diversity of the business scope and the complexity of the information

User Experience Optimization

After starting to have real customers, optimize the details of the operation process based on customer feedback and research on common use cases

The launch of the customer acquisition, contact, and CRM modules increases business complexity and the relationship between functional modules. Goals and decisions must consider design and business logic and scenarios, not just singularity of version 1.0.

Client Aquisition Interface

Enterprise Search

Advanced Filter

Unlocked List

Bulk Search

Map Search

Client Outreach Interface

One-click call out

Follow-up records

Call stats

CRM Interface

Lead conversion

Opportunity follow-up

​Receivable management

Contract management

Workflow diagrams for Lead Management, Client Management, and Contact Management

Click to view in detail (in Chinese)

Design System

Click to view in detail

Interaction Design

Click to view in detail

Design Impact


600+ clients 🤝 
5000+ new users 👩🏻‍💻
3 months after product launch 🚀
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